Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tiny Dew Bow

I observed a small dew bow in a spider web connecting a few blades of grass. Standing up, it showed bits of color as you moved your head.

Unfocused image, if the image is focused it
is practically invisible.

Heavily unfocused, see the colors?


  1. Hi Nick,

    Sometimes the small, quiet, unobtrusive phenomena can be just as beautiful and impressive as the large, complex "in your face" halo displays. We just have to stop and take the time to look. Interesting use of focus; sometimes we have to do what is counter-intuitive to obtain the desired result. The first image in particular is very "jewel like".
    With regard to de-focussed images, it reminds me of a camera I used to have which did that automatically, lol!



  2. Hello Alec,

    Thanks for commenting. I strongly believe that when you have understanding of nature, your eyes are opened. Most people would never care about a tiny spider web with some dew on it. They'd never know that there would be a rainbow on it! Before I knew about halos, I never saw them, but now I see hundreds!

    I saw images of dewbows up close, where defocussing the image made the bow show up better, so I did. I tried to take a picture set on landscape to get it defocused, but the camera must've thought I was stupid and wouldn't let me take a picture, so I set it to manual focus. Cameras these days... :)