Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rare halo display in Fall

I observed a spectacular halo display the 12th of November. You can see this display on OpticsPOD, this post just has more pictures of the halos.

The halos observed were:
  • 22 degree halo
  • Sundog
  • Circumzenith arc
  • Upper tangent arc/circumscribed halo
  • Parry arc
  • Parhelic circle
  • 120 degree parhelion
  • Supralateral arc
  • Infralateral arc
  • 46 degree halo
  • Lowitz arc
  • Wegener arc
Displays like this will happen, as long as you keep looking for them!

Parhelic circle

Infralateral arc (look carefully!)

Upper tangent, Parry, and Lowitz arcs. This halo
was much brighter than appears in the image.

Wegener arc, the image has been unsharp masked
so the rare halo shows up more clearly.

Later in the day, a CZA and supralateral
arc appeared in the sky.

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