Friday, November 25, 2011

Pileus, Shadows, and Colors 8/17 2010

My dad and I were by the river and were treated with a beautiful sky August 17 last year. There were large cumulus congestus clouds everywhere topped with pileus clouds. Pileus clouds tend to form all at once, meaning the droplets are of uniform size. That means good iridescence! And just that happened, I've not yet seen iridescence as good as this day. After that, long shadows were cast on the upper cloud layer.

Pileus clouds and planes

Beautifully iridescent cloud. This image has
not been enhanced in anyway.

Long cloud shadows


  1. Hi Nick,

    Lovely images! That's one of the widest cloud shadows I've seen in a long while! There's something very militaristic and bombastic about it.
    The irridescence is very impressive too, especially considering there has been no post-capture processing. Looks like a huge mother of pearl shell. The pileus is very evocative, puts me in a very wistful mood. Reminiscent of an old postage stamp!

  2. The pileus image is one of my favorites, hard to believe it was taken from the ground. And now that you say it, low sun cloud shadows don't seem to be common, I wonder why. It was a nice day that day.