Monday, February 13, 2012

January 25th display

I got a pretty good display on January 25th. It had a great 46 degree halo/supralateral arc. Along with that was a Lowitz and Parry.

Lowitz, sundog, parhelic circle, Parry, UTA, 22 degree, all in one

Parhelic circle, 120degree parhelion


UTA and Parry

See the Lowitz?
46 degree/supralateral arc + CZA


  1. Tremendous display, Nick, well done! Love the Lowitz and that cheeky 120 degree parhelion above the shop sign. Florida's Master halo observer strikes again!

  2. Haha, a rarity right above the Family Dollar. I have another great display that lasted just a minute or two! It was very unexpected.

  3. Are you going to post the other display? I hope so!