Monday, December 5, 2011

120 degree parhelion & Parhelic circle

I got to see a 120 degree parhelion today. It was the only halo in the sky at the moment, so you should always look all around the sky! Later I saw a parhelic circle segment. There was a mixture of natural cirri and contrails, a sundog showed up in the contrails, but it was not a good one. Contrails just never seem to have those good orientations!

120 degree parhelion

Faint parhelic circle, its in the middle of the image.

Update: Later in the evening there was a faint circumzenith arc and a bright sundog. The sundog was hard to photograph, a lot of trees around here!



  1. Brilliant observation, Nick! That's a busy looking sky; not many people would have made those sightings. Congratulations, well done!!

  2. Yep, when there is a cirrus out I look for any possible halos. I was surprised to see the 120° parhelion. You can tell its there because it looks like a bright bluish white spot that doesn't move with the cloud. Parhelic circles are the same way!